What Makes the Amazing VigRX Plus Tick?

Have you ever felt self-conscious regarding the strength of your erection or the distressing fact that your penis is so averagely-sized? Have you ever had doubts about your ability to satisfy your girl in bed? That is understandable. You are not alone at that. The most common opinion about what makes ladies scream and cry like crazy from passion in bed and feel fully satisfied is the size of the male member and the manly strength of its erection. But now you can stop worrying regarding loosing your self-esteem - the modern medical science is coming to your rescue with a 100% reliable potion that is guaranteed to make your intimate life as satisfactory as it only could be!

VigRX entered the market in 2000, but since that time it has come a long way and evolved significantly into a much more efficient VigRX Plus that has proved to be salivation for the guys who are conscious about their egos and sexual performance. Forget about such distressing problems as dysfunctional erection, premature ejaculation, and emotional woes for good - with the help of this powerful sexual strength enhancer! The market of penis enlargement medications is a wide and saturated one, but VigRX Plus has become and remains a confident market dominator. You do not have to believe on the say-so, just come to visit this site at www.vigrxplus.com and peruse the life-true testimonies from multiple users that experienced the miracle of the VigRX Plus performance themselves. Now their sexual life is a problem-free paradise of great orgasms, timely ejaculation, powerful erections, and unbelievable sexual stamina. And all those good things were given to them thanks to fantastic VigRX Plus.

The creator of the amazing VigRX Plus, Albion Medical, stresses that fact that the main part of their success is based on the advanced improved formula of the medicine. Each pill of VigRX Plus concentrates ancient herbs, extracts and aphrodisiacs collected all over the world - South America, China, Europe - scientifically analyzed and brought together in order to achieve the maximum effect and bring the ultimate satisfaction to the user.

Some of the important elements come from China. Let us have a closer look at them. The leaf extract of Epimedium (Chinese effectually call this herb Horny Goat Weed), is an efficient booster of sexual libido due to a hefty portion of icariin that is a great erection enhancer. It easily increases the flow of blood flow through the penis and makes sexual sensations much stronger. According to vigrx.com Epimedium also immediately affects the level of testosterone, the manly sexual hormone, which is greatly beneficial for sexual urge and vigor. Another component that originates from China is Cuscuta. In the form of seed extract this ingredient affects the death of sperm factor, making it much lower and prevents such an unpleasant phenomenon as early ejaculation. The extract significantly enhances the fertility both of male and female partners.

Ginkgo Biloba ingredient acts in the way similar to Cuscuta. It makes the blood flow much better, which, in its turn, beneficially influences the strength and period of erections. Ginkgo Biloba is also a good treatment for the impotence among males due to the fact that it improves blood circulation and oxygenation.

A well-known since the ancient times as a powerful aphrodisiac, an oriental medication and supplement, Asian Red Ginseng is a great component that works miracles, rejuvenating weak bodies and bringing new energy into them. It contains an efficient ingredient called ginsenoside that helps treat untimely ejaculation and possible impotence by improving blood circulation in penis and brain significantly.

Saw Palmetto is a powerful aphrodisiac too and in this way it is similar to other elements of VigRX Plus. It beneficially influences both men's sexual performance and health by greatly improving circulation of blood and balance of hormones, but that is not all. Saw Palmetto efficiently helps with such unpleasant troubles as enlarged glands and urinary infections.

Since one of the targeted effects of VigRX Plus' was to treat dysfunction of erection and poor sexual desire, the creators of the medicine introduced Muira Pauma bark extract into its formula. As was proved experimentally, the bark extract helps to improve male potency in more than 60% of cases. And it is quite likely that the full beneficial possibilities of the wonderful Muira Pauma bark extract havenot been yet discovered, the future studies will surely reveal other strong sides of this efficient ingredient.

Catuaba bark extract comes from Brazil where it is famous for its ability to create vivid and sensual erotic dreams like no other aphrodisiac is able to. By influencing and increasing the libido, Catuaba bark extract efficiently helps to get rid of impotence. But that is not the only effect of the extract on the male body - the bark returns energy and vigor into stressed organism and rejuvenates the tired nervous system.

Though the prime goal of VigRX Plus is to enhance the sexuality of any male person, the pills also contain a unique component that takes good care of such vital organ as the heart. The blood and oxygen flow can be greatly improved by Hawthorn berry extract, which significantly decreases the risks of disruptions in blood pressure and heart rhythm.

All elements that have been mentioned above are mixed in the only possible accurate proportion that was destined to make VigRX Plus the dominator at the market of sexual enhancement medications. But now we have come to the three most important ingredients of VigRX Plus pill that make it fly far beyond the reach of its competitive rivals among penis enlarger pills and erection and sexual vigor boosters. These unique components are Bioperine, Damiana, and Tribulus.

Tribulus Terrestris is an ancient sexual medication from Europe. And it is still widely popular in Europe and North America as an efficient treatment against sexual dysfunctions and other general body weaknesses because it greatly stimulates erections; improves the overall physical condition and increases the sexual drive known as libido.

Damiana happens to be discovered by the Mayans of old and even in those ancient times it managed to become popular as a reliable and powerful herbal aphrodisiac. It was added to the formula of VigRX Plus to make it even better. It resulted in longer erections, more sensual and glaring orgasms as well as generally enhanced level of sexual urge. The users of VigRX Plus report having unbelievably intense and satisfying impressions while making love.

Bioperine is the winning ingredient; it was added to the composition of VigRX Plus pills with a special purpose in mind - to increase absorption level of the rest of the components. As was discovered by USA scientist during specific lab tests, the combination of Bioperine with other ingredients of VigRX Plus boosts the speed of absorption by more than 30%. In other words, the users are guaranteed to feel the effect of the drug 30% faster. The competition medications do not stand a chance against the amazing VigRX Plus since none of them contains this unique ingredient, Bioperine.

The creators of VigRX Plus did their best to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Thanks to carefully balanced and prepared formula, which contains exclusively natural herbs and extract, there are no side effects, the pills are totally holistic and safe to use.