Japanese Clinic Introduces New Breast Enhancement Technique

Aren't you completely satisfied with your breasts? Don't you like their shape or size? If there is something wrong with your breasts, don't get upset. Everything you have to do is to take the next plane to Japan and visit the Cellport Clinic Yokohama which undoubtedly will help to improve your breasts or even to effectively solve some problems with them. Scientists working at the Cellport Clinic Yokohama have come up with an innovation way of enlarging the breasts as well as improving their shape.

The new technique consists in taking some fat from the human belly and thighs mixing them up with stem cells and injecting into the breasts. More than forty women have already been treated this way and they have no problems with their breasts and general health.

According to the interview with surgeon at the Tokyo University medical school Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura, there have been no serious complications from the patients after such an operation. Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura also added that the technique is a rather safe alternative to traditional breast implants that are filled with saline (salt water) or silicone gel. The major advantage of that technique is that afterwards the breasts look and feel natural.

According to the data of the clinic's web site, the enlarged breasts are naturally soft and look really natural, since they are filled with the human tissue. In the year of 2005 more than 300,000 American women had breast implants, but unfortunately almost all of them carried a great number of serious health risks including chest wall deformity, infection, breast pain, delayed wound healing, nipple or breast changes, inflammation, redness, bruising, and rupture or deflation of the implant. In fact, all of these symptoms require immediate additional operations or even removal of the implant itself.

As Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura said, this magic mixture of the stem cell and fat can not only increase woman's breasts by two sizes but it's also less risky. Nevertheless, far not all doctors agree with this point of view. Many contemporary doctors confirm that the technique is far not perfect, so possible complications arising from the procedure are still not revealed. Other doctors are skeptical of Yoshimura's opinion. Consultant Norman Waterhouse confesses that it would be wrong to affirm that a breast implant equivalent could grow only from the combination of stem cells and fat. This is not a new procedure and can still cause some complications or an unwanted effect. But at this very moment this is a wonderful theoretical approach though.

Consultant Rajiv Grover also added that this new technique is greet but still with extreme caution. With the constant plastic surgeons' debates on the advantages of Yoshimura's technique, you are recommended to choose safer methods of breast enlarging using non-invasive ways to enhance your breasts. Clevastin Natural Breast Enlargement System is a powerful formula that combines the power of Clevastin capsules containing the highest concentration of plant estrogens.