Absence of Erection or Weak and Short-Term Erection

Author: Keunwook Lee

The frustrating situation when a male faces inability to maintain or sustain a satisfactory erection for a desirable period of time in bed is a rather common problem among male population. It is often referred to as Erectile Dysfunction. The trouble often happens to be not permanent and terminates as suddenly, as it appeared. Accordingly the Erectile Dysfunction may happen to be a sign of some greater disorder of your sexual performance. In any case, nowadays there is no need to hide it or ignore it any more. The variety of different medical methods that have proved to be an efficient cure for Erectile Dysfunction is quite voluminous to choose from. The most important thing is to realize that Erectile Dysfunction could become a serious threat to the style and quality of life you got used to. It may worsen or ruin the relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and especially, you partners in love-making.

In 1999 the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) conducted a survey among the male population of the country and came to conclusion that 22 out of every 1000 men sought help for the Erectile Dysfunction syndrome, which amounts to 2% of male population of the country. And about 50% of male people of ages between 40 and 70 confirm having - more or less often - difficulties with satisfactory erection or sustaining the erection for long enough term during the intercourse. That is, a large part of men will sooner or later encounter the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, and the older a person gets, the higher the chances grow

Before taking any steps, it is necessary to localize the factor that causes the dysfunction. Is it of physical or psychological nature? And the only reliable method to achieve this end is to eliminate all possibilities of some kind of physical irregularity that might cause the Erectile Dysfunction syndrome in this particular case.

Among the reasons of long-term erection difficulties the health problems of physical nature occupy the leading positions. Most often one encounters vascular diseases that cause the hardening of arteries, the overall exhaustion of the organism and the influence of certain prescription drugs that do not agree with your system. But actually the list of physical health irregularities that might lead to Erectile Dysfunction is much longer. In the end all of those reasons lead to effect of poor blood flow through the cavities in the tissue of a penis.

As it has been found out by the medical specialists in the field, about 70% of all erectile problems are of physiological nature of some kind and just 30% are caused by psychological factors. The most common psychological factors are stress, depression and decreased self-esteem, but these are just a few among others. In other words, the reason for 30% of Erectile Dysfunction cases is inside the brain of a person.

Whatever the seriousness of your troubles with the Erectile Dysfunction, which might be long-lasting or temporary, you should bear in mind that the embarrassing problem of poor erection can be treated successfully and with ease by modern medical science so you will not ever have to worry about it in the future. The number of efficient treatments for erectile dysfunction is quite large, both for medical and non-medical methods. It should be stressed that a healthy lifestyle is an important factor of a successful treatment. Indulging in drugs, alcohol and tobacco smoking are known to enhance the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

The most common way to treat a sexual performance related problem of Erectile Dysfunction is to take a prescription from an appropriate medical specialist and administer the medication - either orally (in a form of pills) or making injections straight into the male member. Penis enlargement pills similar to a well-known Viagra do help persons to get rid of erectile dysfunction and other problems with performance in bed. But some of such pills and supplements do have adverse side effects like nausea, dizziness, eye-sight blurring, and constipation and so on. One can find that his sex enhancement pill prove to be incompatible with some other medicines the person is taking. All sexual enhancers are to be taken approximately one hour before a love-making act. Surgery is a different way to treat the Erectile Dysfunction problem. It includes integration of a special prosthetic implant or a penis pump into the reproductive male organ. The disadvantages of this method are high cost and necessity of prolonged period of recuperation after the surgery. In case of an integrated penis pump a user will have to do some pumping prior to love making to bring the member up.

The most popular and rather efficient non-medical methods that are commonly used to overcome the effects of Erectile Dysfunction are sexual therapy sessions, such devices as penis pumps, and herbal sexual enhancement supplements or pills. Sexual therapy works well against the cases of psychological-caused Erectile Dysfunction provided the sessions are conducted by experienced registered professional. But there are two limitations to this method: it will not help in physical cases and the whole therapy is a lengthy process when a person has to talk in details about his frustrations because of poor erection and some persons will not feel at ease in such situations. Penis pumps are efficient devices that do help to achieve a satisfactory erection. They consist of a special tube into which a penis is to be introduced. Then, through a pumping action, the erection is achieved and fixed permanently with the help of special ring at the base. This method is efficient but the person has to use the pump before each time of making love. The penis pump gives a temporary solution that does not cure the real trouble.

On the other hand there exists such an efficient and totally safe and easy method as all-natural penis enhancement pills like VigRX PlusT. This medication was formulated from carefully chosen herbal and leaf extracts of well-know and well-trusted natural components from all over the world. Those components have been known for hundreds of years as efficient treatments from problems with erection and sexual drive. The balanced composition of pills provides for quick beneficial results, at the same time it is free from any adverse side-effects like sickness, vertigo, blurring of eyesight and others. The user can stop the treatment at any time without any problems for his health. Since the supplements contain proven powerful aphrodisiacs, they are able to address the psychological factors of poor sexual performance as well by increasing the libido significantly.

It is understandable that before taking any pills you should remember to visit your physician and discuss with him the proposed medication or treatment of any kind.

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